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When you are feeling dehydrated after a marathon or late night party, IV drips can rejuvenate your body and mind fast. If your fluids and electrolytes or other nutrients are depleted, it can leave you feeling fatigued and unwell. With IV therapy, you get a quick infusion of fluids and vitamins directly into your bloodstream for a fast boost to your wellness. For those in Daly City, mobile IV therapy hydration and vitamins services are available from NexGen Health.

While most nutrients and fluids are absorbed through the digestive tract, it is not always the most efficient option. Those with certain health conditions or changes to their GI system may not absorb nutrients as needed. It can also be difficult to drink enough fluids to rehydrate quickly, especially when you are hungover or feeling under the weather. IV drips bypass the stomach and intestinal tract, giving you the fluids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients directly to your veins.

IV Drip Infusions

At NexGen Health, we are a team of health professionals that are led by board-certified physicians. We offer advanced treatments to help our patients achieve optimum health. We have vitamin deficiency and genetic testing, ozone therapy, IV boosters and our variety of Lifestyle IV drip infusion for optimal cellular health. Our IV drip infusion formulas include:

  • Myers and Energize
  • Calm and Recover
  • Slender and Glow
  • Hangover and Pain Relief
  • Immunity

Each patient has different needs and wellness goals. We have different formulas to help you get the most benefit from your treatment. Our medical professionals can come to your home or business in Daly City, CA to perform your IV therapy, making it easy to recover and relax during your IV drip session.

Almost anyone can benefit from one of our mobile IV vitamin and hydration therapy sessions. If you want to book an IV drip for yourself or schedule an IV therapy party at your business in Daly City, give us a call at NexGen Health or book your appointment online. We also offer IV drips and other wellness treatments at our clinic in San Jose.