Medical weight loss options have changed significantly in recent years, offering safer, more effective treatments for long-term results. Research has shown that diet and exercise are only part of the weight loss equation – many overweight individuals are also fighting hormonal factors that decrease their chance of weight loss success. As part of our treatments at NexGen Health, we offer GLP-1 weight loss injections combined with a comprehensive weight loss program designed by our board-certified obesity and weight management medical team.

GLP-1 medications are manufactured hormones (glucose-like peptide-1) that can impact many different aspects of the metabolic process. Unlike other weight loss medicines that were stimulants or affected the absorption of nutrients, GLP-1s are designed to reset your hormonal balance for more efficient weight loss and better hunger control for the patient. Some of the benefits of GLP-1 weight loss infections include:

  • Enhancing metabolic performance at the cellular level
  • Improving blood sugar regulation (GLP-1s are also used to control diabetes)
  • Impacts “brain hunger” by interacting with hypothalamus to increase satiety
  • GLP-1s can help regulate how quickly food is absorbed in the digestive system for a fuller feeling that lasts longer

GLP-1 medications are not habit forming. They work with your natural hormonal system to help improve your metabolic system, from regulating blood sugar and digestion to improving neurological function relating to hunger and energy. This is a more holistic and safe medication to give you tools to achieve your desired weight loss goals.

Board-Certified, Physician-Guided Weight Loss

At NexGen Health, we combine the effectiveness of weight loss injections with the expertise of our physician-led weight loss program. Our patients receive the benefit of a physician-supervised medical weight loss program that provides medical testing, nutritional coaching, accountability management, and much more. Our board-certified, physician-managed team includes the following members at our facility in San Jose, CA.

Our physicians are board-certified in obesity and weight management with credentials from some of the world’s best medical schools. The level of weight management expertise combined with innovative medication gives our patients the best chance at success to lose their unwanted weight for good.

Dr James Petros

Dr. James Petros

Founder and CEO

Dr. Parish Vaidya

Dr. Parish Vaidya

Chief Medical Officer

Highly Effective Weight Loss Program

There is not a magic pill or procedure that will result in long-term weight management. Our physician-supervised weight loss program is designed to give our patients the tools they need to lose the weight and achieve metabolic balance. We help our patients learn new habits and create accountability to keep them on track.

Our program incorporates a range of weight loss injections, including GLP-1, B12, and lipotropic fat-burning injections. These injections, administered under the careful guidance of our medical professionals, play a pivotal role in managing hunger, energy levels, blood sugar, and metabolic processes. We understand that each individual’s progress is unique, so we tailor the weekly injection doses based on the patient’s journey, ensuring that their weight loss goals are not only met but exceeded.

Our weight loss patients typically can lose 10-15% of their body weight following our program. By using the weight loss injections with lifestyle changes, patients can experience a reset of their “set point” in weight. This can result in long-term weight management as their body is not constantly fighting to regain the weight back to the old higher set point. The comprehensive approach we use can offer life-changing results without invasive procedures or habit-forming diet pills. At NexGen, we go beyond medication by providing ongoing support through in-person coaching and telehealth services. Our dedicated team ensures that patients stay on course, learn new habits, and establish accountability in their weight loss journey. We also offer personalized meal planning with sample menus, creating a holistic approach that addresses both physical and behavioral aspects of weight management.

Medical Weight Loss in San Jose

If you are ready to take charge of your weight and overall health, come visit us at NexGen Health in San Jose, CA. We offer cutting-edge medical weight loss treatments, including GLP-1 weight loss injections. Contact our clinic today to schedule your weight loss consultation and begin your journey to the new you!

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