As you get older, your metabolism begins to slow down. If you combine this with a sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices, you’ll quickly notice yourself packing on the pounds. Sometimes working out and a healthier diet alone is not enough to lose the excess weight. Metabolism Booster IV therapy can help accelerate fat burning to help you reach your weight loss goals.

When you limit your calories by going on a diet, you feel more tired because you’re not getting the nutrients you need. When you’re exhausted, it’s easier to make the wrong food choices. The lack of vitamins can also negatively impact your sleep and mood. Vitamin deficiencies can also make it harder for your body to recover from your workouts. The vitamin-infused therapy from IV drips helps supplement these essential nutrients so that your body can operate at peak performance.

Kickstart Your Metabolism

Metabolism Booster IV therapy contains a combination of antioxidants, B vitamins and amino acids to kickstart your body’s fat-burning capabilities. The B complex vitamins can help your body turn fat into fuel. As a result, you can feel less tired and have more energy. Amino acids can help your body store less fat so that you can maintain your weight loss over time. Antioxidants remove free radicals and other toxins from the body to help aid digestion.

Slim Drip IV Therapy

Like all systems in the body, your metabolism needs certain nutrients to perform optimally. Certain vitamins and nutrients are necessary to burn fat and utilize carbohydrates for energy. If weight loss is your goal, you want to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to burn fat and hydration to detoxify as you lose weight. NexGen Health offers slim drip IV therapy to support your metabolism and weight loss efforts at our clinic in San Jose, CA.

When you are focusing on eating less and exercising more to lose excess fat, you want to ensure your body is still getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Eating less can result in nutrient deficiencies that can impact your metabolism, energy levels and overall wellness. At NexGen Health, we offer nutrient deficiency testing to determine if your weight loss efforts are depleting your nutrients. We also offer our weight loss IV drip that contains the nutrients and fluids you need to support your metabolism and detoxification during your weight loss journey.

Fat Burning IV Drips

B-vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants are essential nutrients that can help the body burn fat and detoxify. As you take in fewer calories, your body begins using fat for fuel. To burn the fat, certain nutrients like B-vitamins and amino acids are required to convert fat into fuel. Our fat burning IV drips contain the nutrients you need to support your metabolism and extra fluids to flush out toxins created in the fat loss process.

Losing weight does not have to feel like a struggle. If you’re unhappy with your weight loss progress, give Metabolism Booster IV therapy a shot. When vitamin infused IV drip therapy is added to a healthy diet and routine exercise regimen, you can watch the pounds melt away faster and easier. Begin your weight loss journey by reaching out to our NextGen Health clinic in San Jose to book a consultation.

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