When you feel fatigue after too many cocktails the night before or want to give your immune system a boost, IV drip infusions can be the solution. At NexGen Health, we offer a wide selection of wellness services to help you meet your health goals. If you live in Los Altos, mobile IV therapy hydration and vitamins services are available through our clinic in San Jose.

IV vitamin therapy combines hydration fluids with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes to give your body a wellness boost. This form of supplementation is the same as physicians and nurses use in the hospital to help patients recover quickly after surgery or other medical treatments. IV drips deliver your nourishment and fluids right to your blood, skipping the digestive process. This is wonderful for those that need to quickly rehydrate or need a vitamin boost and want to bypass the digestive process.

Our patients range from those who just want to achieve optimum health and performance to others that are recovering. Patients recovering from bariatric or other gastrointestinal surgeries may have difficulty getting enough fluids or nutrients – this can help them recover quicker and feel better in the weeks after their surgery. Athletes can also benefit with hydration and nutrients for recovery, and everyone can improve their overall health and immunity with nutrient supplementation.

IV Drip Infusions

IV therapy can give you the health boost you need to perform your best. With our mobile IV drip infusions, you can save time by having one of our medical professionals come to your location in Los Altos. You can schedule a session for yourself or have a group of workers sign up for IV therapy at one time. We have many formulas to choose from, including Calm, Energize, Myers, Slender, Immunity, Hangover and many more.

Are you interested in improving your wellness or recovery with IV therapy? NexGen Health offers IV drip infusion mobile service to Los Altos, CA, or you can visit our clinic in San Jose. We also offer genetic and vitamin testing, along with ozone therapy and IV boosters. Call today to book your session or schedule it online.

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