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Every cell in your body requires a combination of nutrients to perform at the optimal level. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other factors all play vital roles in your immune system, metabolism, energy levels and overall health. Our goal at NexGen Health is to help our patients find the right level of nutrients to help optimize their wellness and improve specific aspects of their health. We offer a selection of IV nutrient infusion therapies, hydration and vitamin boosters at our wellness clinic in San Jose, CA.

Our team at NexGen Health includes board certified physicians and other medical professionals that are dedicated to improving wellness for patients. This begins with understanding each patient’s goals and their existing health level. We offer nutrient deficiency testing and genetic testing to determine the baseline of our patients. Our experienced medical experts can help determine the best nutrient supplementation to achieve improved health. We offer in-office IV drip therapies for hydration and nutrient delivery, as well as booster injections and oral supplements for nutrient maintenance.

Learn More About Our Wellness Therapy Options

What is IV drip therapy? What is the latest news about weight loss or immune system boosters? At NexGen Health, we welcome questions about our therapies and want to provide the latest information on treatment options. If you are interested in IV therapies, boosters, testing plans, we have information provided on most of our services on our website. You can also keep up with recent posts and basic information about our clinic and services on the following pages:

If you are interested in optimizing your health, you need to start at the cellular level. To learn more about our IV drip and hydration therapies to improve immunity, metabolism, energy and appearance, contact us at NexGen Health in San Jose to schedule your first visit.

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