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Feeling and looking your best starts with cellular health. At NexGen Health, we help patients achieve improved cellular and overall health with customized IV therapy that delivers specific nutrients directly to the bloodstream. Whether you want to boost a sluggish metabolism, slow the aging process, improve your immunity or increase your energy levels, NexGen Health has IV therapy, drips and vitamins to help you meet your health goals.

At NexGen Health, we have a team of doctors and medical professionals who are committed to improving health through targeted nutrient infusions. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are needed for optimum health. We provide testing and health analysis to determine what nutrients can help you optimize your health. In less than an hour, you can revitalize your body with IV drip therapies and booster injections at our clinic in San Jose, CA.

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Genetic And
Vitamin Deficiency Testing

Do you know what nutrients you need to improve your immune system, metabolism or anti-aging capabilities? Are there genetic factors that put you at higher risk for cancer or other diseases? NexGen Health offers genetic and vitamin deficiency testing to give you the information you need about your current health. We utilize test results to help create a supplement plan to improve your health, which can include IV drip therapy, boosters and maintenance supplements.

HCG Weight Management Plans

Losing weight can be difficult on your own. With the right nutrients and fat burning agents, losing those extra pounds is quicker and easier. NexGen Health offers IV therapies to support a healthy metabolism and weight loss. We also offer HCG weight management plans to increase fat loss and achieve the ideal weight for your body.

If you want to improve your energy, health and overall wellness, consider the benefits of IV infusion, hydration therapy and boosters. NexGen Health offers a wide selection of targeted IV therapies that can deliver essential nutrients and fluids directly to your bloodstream. Contact us at our medical center in San Jose near Los Gatos to schedule a consultation to discuss IV therapy, testing or HCG weight loss.

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