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Methyl-B12 Booster San Jose, CA

B12 is known for its importance in metabolism and energy, but it has many other impacts throughout the body. In some cases, it can be used as a therapeutic agent to improve certain neuromuscular conditions, including those with autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). At NexGen Health, we offer methyl-B12 IV therapy for autism at our clinic in San Jose, CA.

Methyl-B12 is a pure form of vitamin B12. Many B12 supplements use the synthetic cyanocobalamin form of B12, which contains a cyanide molecule that must be removed by the liver. Methyl-B12, or the methylcobalamin form, contains only B12 and the methyl group of carbon and hydrogen, which is easier for the body to absorb. This is the form that is recommended for ASD treatment, usually 1-2 a week to help with cognitive function in patients with autism.

Methyl-B12 Booster for ASD Treatment

There have been many reported benefits of using Methyl-B12 IV boosters for children and adults with ASD. The treatment is safe – the most common side effect of B12 is more energy. In some patients, methyl-B12 booster IV therapy helps improve speech and communication functions. The theories are that methyl-B12 IV therapy for autism can replenish lower levels of B12 due to diet restrictions and may also help with detoxification and improved cellular energy.

Methyl-B12 ASD treatment is usually part of a comprehensive treatment plan to improve function for the patient. It may be recommended as part of a treatment plan for those with autism as a safe and effective supplement. If you are interested in learning more about methyl-B12 IV therapy for autism or any of our other IV therapies, contact us at NexGen Health in San Jose. Our team can schedule a consultation or treatment at our clinic near Los Gatos, CA.