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Slender San Jose, CA

Whether you are actively losing weight, or you want to maintain a slim figure, supporting your metabolism is crucial. Certain vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients are vital for fat burning and energy levels. At NexGen Health, we offer a wide variety of services to help you lose weight and stay healthy, including slender vitamin supplements and IV therapy at our clinic in San Jose, CA.

Weight Loss Vitamins

While taking vitamin supplements cannot make you lose weight on their own, they are important for maintaining a healthy metabolism. If you do not have sufficient levels of certain nutrients, your body can struggle to burn fat effectively when you restrict calories or increase exercise. B-vitamins are essential for converting fat and carbohydrates to energy, and amino acids also support fat metabolism and hormone balance that is important for losing weight.

Not only do certain nutrients help your body burn fat, but vitamins, minerals and amino acids are also needed to detoxify and protect the body during weight loss. As fat is burned, it can create free radicals and release toxins in the body. It is important to have sufficient levels of antioxidants and other nutrients to protect cellular health and support detoxification for overall wellness. Receiving nutrient support for weight loss through IV therapy and daily supplements can ensure you are getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

At NexGen Health, we provide slender IV drip therapy to deliver vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients directly to your bloodstream for improved absorption. We also offer oral slender vitamin supplements in 30-day supplies that are needed for daily metabolism and health support during your weight loss journey. To learn more, contact us at our clinic in San Jose, CA, to learn more about our weight loss vitamin supplements and other services, like nutrient deficiency testing.