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Silicon Valley San Jose, CA

The right nutrients can impact your health, especially if you are deficient in certain vitamins, minerals or amino acids. At NexGen Health, we offer vitamin IV drips, boosters and nutrient deficiency testing, as well as other health services to improve your well-being. If you want to explore the health benefits of improved hydration and nutrient assimilation, we are your source for Silicon Valley IV therapy drips.

Whether you need to recover from a late night out or want to treat a specific health issue, IV therapy drips may be the solution. Our IV drips deliver high quality nutrients and water directly to the bloodstream, hydrating and providing necessary compounds in an effective delivery system. Most IV therapy drips can be performed in less than an hour at our clinic in San Jose. We offer customized IV fusion vitamin and hydration therapy for immunity, weight loss, wellness, pain relief and anti-aging, as well as many vitamin and amino acid boosters for better cellular health.

Wellness Services and Testing

In addition to our Silicon Valley IV therapy drips, our medical team also offers other health and wellness services. We design every treatment plan based on the individual patient and utilize lab testing and other medical analysis. Some of our wellness and health services include:

  • Nutrient deficiency testing
  • Genetic testing
  • Ozone therapy
  • NAD+ IV therapy for depression, anxiety and addiction
  • Vitamin supplements

If you live in Silicon Valley, IV therapy drips, nutrient/genetic testing and weight loss services are available at NexGen Health in San Jose, CA. We offer a wide variety of different IV fusion formulas and nutrient boosters to improve your health, energy and appearance. Contact our clinic today to schedule your first IV drip therapy session, testing or a consultation.