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Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can cause health issues. IV infusion therapy is a fast, effective treatment to deliver hydration and nutrients to the body to improve health and provide specific wellness benefits. At NexGen Health, we offer nutrient deficiency testing and IV therapy drips near Mountain View at our medical center in San Jose, CA.

Your immune system, brain, heart and entire body need vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hydration to perform at the highest level. However, getting the right balance of nutrients can be difficult, especially if there are malabsorption issues in the digestive system. IV drip therapy offers a direct delivery system to increase levels of specific nutrients in the body without taking oral supplements. This provides almost immediate access to nutrients and hydration for improved cellular and overall health.

At NexGen Health, we offer a variety of IV therapy drips at our center near Mountain View. Some of our IV drips and boosters include:

  • Vitamin C, glutathione and antioxidant boosters
  • Immunity formulas
  • Weight loss fusions
  • Anti-aging for the skin and body
  • Hangover and recovery drips
  • NAD+ IV drips for depression, pain and addiction
  • Myers cocktail for energy and overall wellness

Each patient is unique – we customize our IV drip programs based on the individual and their specific needs. Our clinic offers genetic and nutrient testing to determine what nutrients would be most beneficial to the patient.

Weight Loss and Wellness Services

In addition to our IV therapy drips, our clinic near Mountain View offers other wellness services. If you are interested in fast, safe weight loss, we have weight management. We also offer ozone therapy and chronic pain management options based on a holistic approach to wellness.

For improved health and well-being, IV drip therapy and our other services can be a solution to feel and look your best. To learn more, contact us at NexGen Health near Mountain View to schedule your first treatment or consultation.