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Morgan Hill San Jose, CA

Every cell in the body requires oxygen, hydration and certain nutrients. IV drip therapy is the quickest way to deliver the necessary nutrients for cellular health and improve overall wellness. At NexGen Health, we specialize in providing improved health with our suite of wellness services, including IV drips, boosters, testing and other therapies. We offer our health services and IV therapy drips near Morgan Hill at our medical center in San Jose, CA.

When your body does not have the right hydration level or nutrients it needs, it will not perform at its best. Whether it is depleted from too much alcohol the night before, or poor absorption through the digestive system, IV infusion therapy can be a solution. Our IV drip formulas and boosters can bypass your stomach and intestines, delivering hydration and nutrients right to your bloodstream. Our IV infusion treatments can be performed in less than an hour at our clinic near Morgan Hill for almost immediate health benefits.

IV Drips, Testing and Weight Loss

At NexGen Health, we offer customized health services for our patients. Our medical team can perform nutrient and genetic testing to determine the best treatments plan for our patients. We also offer safe and effective weight loss with HCG injections. For improved health, we have ozone therapy and effective treatments for chronic pain, depression and addiction. Our premier service is our vitamin and nutrient IV therapy drips, which include:

  • Myers cocktail
  • Immunity
  • Slender formula
  • Fat busting formula
  • Anti-aging and youthful skin formulas
  • Boosters with antioxidants
  • Hangover formula

If you want to experience better health starting at the cellular level, IV infusion therapy can offer many wellness benefits. To learn more about our services at NexGen Health, contact our clinic near Morgan Hill, CA, to schedule your first appointment.