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When you are trying to reduce fat in your body for weight loss and overall health, you need to ensure your body has the necessary nutrients. Your metabolism requires certain vitamins and amino acids to burn fat effectively, known as lipotropic nutrients. Methionine, inositol and choline, or MIC, is a combination of lipotropic nutrients that help the body turn fat into energy. At NexGen Health, we offer MIC vitamin supplements and IV drip therapy at our clinic in San Jose, CA.

MIC – Fat Busting Vitamins and Nutrients

Reducing fat in the body and controlling how it is stored are important for health. While losing excess weight is one reason to want to burn fat effectively, protecting your liver and heart are other good reasons. The combination of MIC vitamin supplementation supports your body’s ability to manage fat storage and burning efficiently. A basic breakdown of the MIC fat busting qualities includes:

  • Methionine is an amino acid that breaks down fat in the liver, promoting liver health and lowering cholesterol for improved heart health.
  • Inositol is a B-vitamin that has a role in fat metabolism – it also helps lower cholesterol and is vital for stabilizing mood and appetite.
  • Choline is another nutrient that helps in the metabolism and transportation of fats and cholesterol.

Ensuring your body has the right levels of MIC can help keep your metabolism working efficiently, as well as protecting the liver and heart health.

For improved fat burning capabilities to protect your heart, liver and waistline, consider the benefits of MIC vitamin supplements. NexGen Health offers effective MIC IV therapy as well as oral supplements for daily use at our clinic in San Jose, CA. Contact our office to schedule your next IV drip session, and ask about our 30-day supplies of MIC fat-busting vitamin supplements.