Your DNA has a significant impact on your health. Genetic factors play a role in everything from congenital birth defects to the risk for diseases like cystic fibrosis, cancer or sickle cell anemia. Genetic testing can give you information on what carriers and health risks are encoded in your DNA, which can help you create the best health plan for optimum wellness. As part of our treatments at NexGen Health, we offer genetic testing for health at our medical center in San Jose, CA.

How can genetic testing help you improve your health? If you understand the health risk factors you were born with, you can design a nutritional and wellness program to protect your body. Risk factors in your DNA for cancer, cardiovascular disease or other disorders are not predictions, but warning signs. By understanding what health issues are encoded into your genetics, you can tailor your wellness and health plan to address these risk factors. Genetic testing can also be used to screen for genetic conditions before having children to look at carrier genes from both parents.

Utilizing the Results of Genetic Testing

The results of genetic testing can be complex and easily misunderstood. At NexGen Health, we provide professional testing at our clinic and consultations for our patients on the results. Our medical team can explain what your genetic testing results indicate regarding your health and how you can use that information to reduce risks and improve your overall wellness. We offer nutritional support with IV infusion therapy and vitamin supplements that can be customized to help you achieve optimum health.

Genetic testing for health along with nutrient deficiency testing can provide valuable information about your body. At NexGen Health, we can provide genetic and nutrient testing to help you create a health and wellness plan to prevent disease and illness. To learn more about genetic testing, contact our clinic in San Jose to schedule a consultation.

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