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Protecting your health begins with supporting your immune system. Your body is constantly under attack from biological invaders and internal health issues that can cause illness. From bacterial and viral infections to disease, your immune system is the natural defense that can defeat attacks on your body. To keep your immune system working efficiently, you need the right nutrients. NexGen Health offers immunity boosting vitamin supplements at our clinic in San Jose, CA.

The immune system is a network of defenses in the blood, tissues and organs to fight infection that can impact your health. “Germs” are bacteria and viruses that want to multiply and invade the body, and the immune system is designed to stop this from occurring. The skin, mucus membranes, blood and lymph system are all part of the immune system that fight germs as they try to enter the body and multiply. To keep your body healthy, you need the right nutrients to maintain your immune system at optimum levels.

Nutrient Immune System Support

Since the immune system is a vast network of different biological components, you need a wide variety of nutrients to support all the components. Antioxidants like vitamin C are crucial for supporting the immune system, but so are many other vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You need the nutrients that are necessary for creating white blood cells, hormones and other factors that fight infections and disease. Daily immunity boost vitamin supplements combined with routine IV immunity therapy can keep your immune system strong for improved wellness and health.

Give your immune system the support it needs to stay healthy. Contact us at NexGen Health to schedule an immunity IV drip session, and ask about our immunity boost vitamin supplements for daily nutritional support. Call our clinic in San Jose today to book your appointment.