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Supplements To Support Fast, Safe Weight Loss San Jose, CA
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Losing excess weight can be a struggle. Eating less and exercising more can leave you feeling hungry, tired and frustrated, especially when weight loss is painfully slow. Unfortunately, dieting combined with exercise can often leave your body depleted of nutrients, even those needed for fat burning and energy. For faster, safer weight loss, consider the benefits of fat burning supplements and medical weight loss options like HCG injections.

Fat Burning Nutrients

Burning fat for energy requires specific nutrients. B-vitamins and amino acids are key elements in creating energy in the body, including tapping into fat stores for energy. Eating less, especially diets low in carbohydrates, can result in low levels of B-vitamins. Replenishing nutrients needed for burning fat and retaining energy levels can help improve your weight loss results.

Our medical team at NexGen Health offers several different IV infusion drips that can support weight loss efforts. Our Slender IV drip contains fat-burning nutrients like B-vitamins and amino acids needed to maintain energy and fat burning processes. The hydrating fluids and nutrients help detox the body, crucial while you are burning fat and releasing toxins in the body. We also offer oral supplement formulas with weight loss-supporting nutrients to maintain your nutrient levels between IV drip sessions.

HCG Weight Loss

Imagine losing one to two pounds a day while protecting your muscle and healthy tissue. HCG weight loss plans have produced this type of incredible results for many patients. This program uses human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections combined with a low-calorie diet to shed excess pounds quickly. HCG is a hormone that controls the metabolism, specifically during pregnancy, to allow the body to burn fat for fuel. Injections of HCG can stimulate the release of fat into the bloodstream to burn for energy – it allows the person to safely restrict their calories to about 500 per day to burn mostly fat for energy. This results in quick weight loss, up to 30 pounds in a month.

If you are embarking on a weight loss plan, make it faster and safer by supplementing the nutrients you need for fat burning and detoxification. Contact us at NexGen Health to schedule a weight loss consultation to learn more about our Slender or fat-busting IV infusion drips and the HCG weight loss plan. Call our office in San Jose to book your appointment.

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