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5 Benefits Of IV Drip Therapy San Jose, CA
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Intravenous (IV) infusion, or drip, therapy has become more mainstream in recent years. More and more people recognize the benefits of customized nutrient blends delivered directly to the bloodstream. If you are new to IV drip therapy, you may wonder what benefits this treatment offers over taking oral supplements or simply eating a healthy diet. Here are five benefits that IV drip therapy can provide for health and wellness.

1. Improved Hydration
One consistent element of IV drips is fluid – regardless of the vitamins, amino acids, minerals or other nutrients in the IV bag, fluids are the base. IV drips offer a quick way to rehydrate the body, delivering the fluids directly to the bloodstream to replenish all the tissues and organs.

2. Effective Absorption
IV drips offer improved absorption of many nutrients, bypassing the digestive system. Many people have digestive disorders or health conditions that impact absorbing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients through their gut. IV drips provide direct delivery of nutrients without needing to pass through the digestive system.

3. Customized Formulas
Unlike a multivitamin, IV infusions can be customized with a blend of nutrients designed for your specific health needs. At NexGen Health, we have formulas that are designed to support immunity, energy, weight loss and many other wellness goals. We also use nutrient deficiency testing to determine what vitamins, minerals and amino acids each patient lacks, and booster IVs customized for the individual.

4. Faster Effects
IV drips can restore fluids and nutrients to the blood, brain and tissues throughout the body quicker and more efficiently. This means faster results for treating nutrient deficiencies that are causing illness or energy loss. Patients recovering from a hangover or being depleted from an athletic event can quickly restore fluids and nutrients, resulting in immediate mental and physical function improvement.

5. Advanced IV Therapies
Certain nutrients and therapies used with IV drips are not as effective in other forms, such as oral supplements. At NexGen Health, we offer glutathione boosters, NAD+ IV therapy and ozone therapy that are highly effective treatments for many health issues. These innovative therapies can improve certain mental and physical disorders at a cellular level for overall wellness and health.

If you are interested in taking control of your health and wellness, visit us at NexGen Health in San Jose. We offer genetic and nutrient testing and customized wellness plans to improve your health using our diverse IV infusion drip therapy options. Call our office in Silicon Valley to schedule your consultation to discuss the next steps to improve your health.

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