Are you troubled by persistent acne scars or surgical scars that mar the beauty of your skin? NexGen Health in San Jose, CA, is your destination for advanced scar removal using the groundbreaking Morpheus8 laser technology. Our Medispa services are dedicated to helping you achieve smoother, more even-toned skin, so you can embrace a confident and revitalized appearance.

Acne scars and surgical scars are common skin imperfections that can have a profound impact on self-esteem.

Acne Scarring

Acne scars are the result of the skin’s healing process after severe or persistent acne breakouts. The inflammation caused by acne can damage the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, leading to the formation of scars. There are various types of acne scars, including:

  • Ice Pick Scars – deep, narrow scars that appear like small pits or punctures on the skin’s surface.
  • Boxcar Scars – broad and shallow depressions with defined edges, resembling a boxcar’s shape.
  • Rolling Scars – wavy or rolling appearance caused by the tethering of the skin beneath the surface.
  • Hypertrophic Scars – raised and thickened scars that occur due to excess collagen production during the healing process.

Surgical Scars

Surgical procedures, regardless of their nature, often leave scars as part of the body’s natural healing process. The appearance of surgical scars can vary depending on factors such as the incision type, individual healing response, and post-surgery care.

At NexGen Health, we understand the emotional and physical toll that scars can take. That’s why we offer the innovative Morpheus8 laser treatment to target and minimize the appearance of both acne scars and surgical scars.

Reclaim Smooth and Clear Skin with Morpheus8 Scar Treatment

Morpheus8 laser is an advanced device renowned for its transformative capabilities in scar removal. This technology works by delivering controlled RF energy through tiny microneedles into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production. Increased collagen levels lead to the smoothening of scar tissue, filling in depressions, and improving overall skin texture.

Reclaim your confidence and achieve scar-free skin with Morpheus8 laser acne and surgical scar removal at NexGen Health. Contact our office in San Jose, CA to book an appointment and let our expert team guide you on your path to smoother and rejuvenated skin.

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