The right balance of nutrients is important to maintain high energy levels throughout the day. If you feel run down or fatigued, it could be due to low levels of certain vitamins or other nutrients. At NexGen Health in San Jose, we offer IV therapy that can quickly boost your energy and overall health. Between your IV drip sessions, we offer at-home vitamin supplements for energy that can maintain your mental clarity and health.

You do not want to only feel energetic a few days a month, but you want to maintain high energy to stay productive and enjoy your life. Many of the nutrients that help you overcome fatigue and maintain your energy are water-soluble vitamins that can be depleted daily. Water-soluble nutrients, like B-vitamins, are often not stored in the body, and they need to be replenished daily. Taking a daily supplement designed for energy can ensure you have the vitamins and other nutrients you need to stay alert and active all month long.

Vitamins for Energy, Hair and Health

The vitamins that are good for energy can also impact your overall health and appearance. A B-complex is vital for accessing energy. B-vitamins convert food to energy and support your metabolism. Plus, the vitamins that support energy are also vital for maintaining your skin, hair and tissues in the body. The B-vitamins are crucial to help you access energy, but also are important for collagen synthesis to maintain skin, hair and nails, as well as supporting brain function, immunity and a healthy cardiovascular system.

At NexGen Health, we want to help our patients find the right balance of nutrients to feel and look their best, as well as protect their body at a cellular level. For high absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, we offer IV drip therapy for energy and other health goals, as well as vitamin supplements to use between sessions. Contact us at our clinic in San Jose to learn more about our vitamin supplements for energy, both in IV drips and oral supplements.

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