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Rapid COVID-19 Testing Now Available San Jose, CA
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If you’ve found yourself in need of COVID-19 testing, you know just how misleading claims of “rapid test results” can be. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting confirmation of a presumptive positive case or needing quick proof you are virus-free to end a quarantine, you need results you can rely on and you need them fast.

Perks of Truly Rapid COVID-19 Testing

With backlogs at many testing locations, it’s not unheard of for people to wait days or even weeks for their results. This can mean missing the window for early and aggressive treatment for patients at high risk for complications; but it can also mean missing out on time-sensitive events for which negative test results are a requirement for entry. Neither of these outcomes are ideal for anyone involved.

NexGen Health takes your wellness seriously, and understands that a novel pandemic is a huge barrier to ongoing good health. For this reason, we’re working hard to provide people in and around San Jose through the following efforts:

  • Available results within 10 to 15 minutes
  • Documentation of test results emailed to you within 30 minutes for travel, school functions, employer requests and in-person learning requirements
  • Offering appointments on weekdays and Saturdays for your convenience
  • Accepting credit card, debit card or cash for payment

NexGen Health for Rapid Results COVID-19 Testing

Our physician-supervised facility utilizes FDA-authorized testing kits with the highest available accuracy level to prevent both false positives and false negatives. The process is quick, efficient and private with results you can trust. Testing costs $145 per test and can be paid for via cash, credit or debit card for your convenience.

Don’t wait hours, days or even weeks for the answers you need during a global pandemic. Events can come and go while you’re waiting for your required-for-entry negative test from other facilities. The expert care team at NexGen Health is standing by to help. Call or contact today to learn more about the COVID-19 rapid testing program, and how you can get answers sent directly to your email in less time than it would take to sit in the waiting area of a crowded, over-booked testing facility.

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